The Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe provides everything you need at no cost to your school!

As Easy As 1-2-3!

  • Colorful Parent Letters (also available in Spanish)
  • Budget Envelopes
  • Decorated Tablecloths
  • 3 Different Sizes of Gift Bags
  • Colorful “Coming Soon!” Event Posters
  • Chairperson Planning Guide
  • Guaranteed Pre-Holiday Delivery on Every Reorder Item
  • Pre-Coded Merchandise For Easy Checkout!
  • Pre-Priced Tent Cards (with images of items)
  • UPS Next Day Delivery on All Re-Orders!
  • Complete 24/7 online chairperson website

We make set up as easy as possible:

Every box that arrives at the School will have its own packing slip on top so there is no need to share a master inventory sheet or wondering what is in the box. A chairperson last year said that we carry multiple “Rings” and that pictures would be helpful in recognizing the different items. Each packing inventory list has images of each item next to the description and quantity to make things easier.  We have also added images to the Pre-Priced tent cards which correspond to the pricing you select when you sign up. (0% profit, 10% profit, 20% profit or Blank if you would like to set your own prices) With images now on our tent cards even a volunteer who only has an hour to help out can help with restocking by simply matching the pictures with the items. Year after year we try to think of new ways to make your job easier!